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November 24, 2011

Techsmith Snagit 10.0.1 Build 58

Snagit adalah software yang biasa diguanakan sebagai screen capture atau pengambilangambar pada layar modinor anda. Disamping itu software ini mempunyai banyak fungsi, simak keterangan dibawah ini :

Techsmith Snagit 10.0.1 Build 58 Incl Patch-KhongBiet
The award-winning screen-capture software. Using SnagIt, you can select and capture anything on your screen, then easily add text, arrows, or effects, and save the capture to a file or share it immediately by e-mail or IM. Capture and share an article, image, or Web page directly from your screen. Or, capture and share any part of any application that runs on your PC. Automatically save in one of 23 file formats, or send to the printer, to your e-mail, or to the clipboard.

What's new in Snagit v10.0.0 Major Release:
Added All-in-One capture.
Improved scrolling capture.
Improved text capture.
Improved region capture and region autoscroll capture.
Added transparency to Editor.
Added ability to capture transparency.
Added ability to change Snagit's color theme.
Added a Page Curl effect.
Enhanced the Cutout tool.
Improved Snagit's performance.
Added a Getting Started .snag file to Editor.
Fixed a bug capturing Japanese text in text capture mode.
Fixed a problem with the magnifier window continuing to display during a region capture.
Fixed a memory leak caused by a timer-activated text capture.
Added support for Windows 7.
Added a preview window to the Save as dialog box.
Added default install of Screencast.com output with thumbnail and URL option.
Added the ability to rotate text boxes.
Restored custom trim.
Added deleted images now go to Recycle Bin.
Added 1GB video capture warning.

Download :


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Download Portable TechSmith SnagIt v10.0.2.21 here

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